New project PSA!

Can I make a shameless plug for myself?

I’m gonna do it.

Part of my attendance at the 2016 GIVEN Forum was the requirement to implement an Action Plan, a project that reflects each attendee’s passions, interests, and visions.

This past weekend I finally launched my Action Plan: a blog dedicated to women’s discernment called Vocavi te.

Why a women’s discernment blog? Because I think that too often, our first reaction to the words “vocation” and “discernment” is to think they only apply to religious life. I often hear people say “I think he/she has a vocation” when they talk about religious life or priesthood. But is marriage not a vocation? Is a consecrated single life not a vocation? I feel like wider Church culture is weird and imbalanced when it comes to discussions of vocation. It focuses so much on promoting and esteeming religious life (as it should; we need those vocations!) that it can make marriage and single life seem second-class.

My Action Plan is dedicated to showing the beauty and validity of ALL vocations. It will do this mostly through posts from other women in all walks of life as they share their own “vocation stories” and insights and tips for discernment, and also through sharing resources dedicated to discernment and to all vocations.

Spread the word! And if you’re a Catholic woman and think you might have something to contribute to the site, check out the “Submissions” page!


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