Been Listening: Winter 2016/2017


Hey, so it’s been, like, three or four months since I’ve done a Been Listening. So instead of just looking back to February, I’m just going to offer my findings and favorites from this winter. Sound like a deal? Sweet!

  • Have you discovered your Daily Mix playlists on Spotify? They’re my new favorite thing. Mixes of tried-and-true favorites from your listening history and new songs based on your tastes. I’ve found some pretty great music through them.
  • Some of my new favorites I found on my indie-pop Daily Mix: “2AM” by Bear Hands, “Fire Escape” by Foster the People, and “Color” by Finish Ticket.
  • Bear’s Den released a new single in December, a beautiful track called “Berlin.” It makes me cry.
  • I recently found the band Judah and the Lion and I’m hooked. “Kickin’ da Leaves” is JAMS. So is “Rich Kids.”
  • Surely you heard that 2017 is the 30th anniversary of U2‘s magnum opus, The Joshua Tree. And that they’re touring to celebrate the album, and to perform the whole thing. Exciting! Happy birthday, The Joshua Tree!
  • Mumford & Sons announced three U.S. shows in May and one of their shows is only two hours from me! You bet I got tickets for it. First time seeing Mumford & Sons in about three and a half years. I’m excited to relive my Mumford fangirl days. And to see some tunes from their latest album performed live!
  • Do you know the band Colony House? They’re pretty cool. I’ve been listening to their latest album, Only the Lonely, a lot lately.
  • Also great: the band Hippo Campus. Look them up. Sunny guitar-focused indie-pop. A little bit like Vampire Weekend, a little bit like Walk the Moon. Do like. Try their song “Souls” on for size. They also just released their debut album, Landmark.

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