Things I’ve Been Learning Lately: October 2016


If you read this please know that I am blogging it from beyond the grave.

(Happy almost-Halloween!)

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re super-exhausted and ready for the weekend but it’s only Tuesday AND you remember that you’re working on Saturday? Yeah, that’s been me.

It’s been a week, y’all. Youth ministry is a test of stamina and endurance sometimes and I’m basically dead right now.

Hey, I have some exciting news! This past week I reached out to a regional vocation contact for the Daughters of St. Paul, a women’s religious order dedicated to evangelizing through the media. I’ve been considering religious life for about a year now and I feel like it’s time to at least start contacting and visiting orders to see if it’s something I’m serious about or if it’s just a passing phase. The Daughters of St. Paul are the order that got me thinking about the possibility and I’m hoping to visit their Chicago community when I’m home for Christmas. Please pray for my discernment process, if you would.

Lessons from this month:

  • I think I’m starting to dislike long drives and road trips? Maybe it’s because I’m responsible for my own car now. Cars break and fixing them isn’t always cheap. And they need gas, which requires money.
  • Spending money on friends is always worth it.
  • Sometimes adulthood means buying bedbug covers for your mattress and pillows.
  • I might as well just say that adulthood requires money because look at all those money-related things.
  • In 20 years today’s teens are going to tell their kids about the popular dance moves back in their day and that’s going to include the dab and that makes me cringe a little.
  • Never underestimate how powerful a story can be. Yours matters. Own it. Be proud of it. Don’t be afraid to share it.
  • Finding things for your space for free when you’re still getting settled in a new place is the greatest.
  • If a person is talking and a dog enters the room, the person talking is no longer everyone’s focus. It’s just a fact of life.
  • Remember that blog post I wrote about beer a few weeks ago? Well, it is possible to get sick of beer. I felt that after I completed that post. (I type this while drinking a porter, though, so it didn’t last long)

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