Been Listening: October 2016


Welp, in a week my favorite month of the year will be over.

*single tear rolls down cheek*

Maybe this is over-said, but I live for October. The temperatures are finally consistently cool. I can turn off the A/C and start wearing jeans and flannels every day without it being weird. The leaves start changing. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches are bearing their fruit in abundance. Mornings are cold and foggy and sometimes frosty.

October is some kind of magic.

Time to start the countdown til October 2017, I guess.

Here’s some music stuff for your ears (and a little bit for your eyes)!

  • I wasn’t a big fan of Bastille when they first hit the scene but their new album, Wild World, has been changing my mind. I’ve been listening to its leading single, “Good Grief,” at least once day. JAMS.
  • I just want to listen to all the fall playlists on Spotify. Gimme all of the gentle acoustic folk music, please. Also, fall has me craving Lord Huron music something fierce.
  • Switchfoot‘s newest album is everything. Their song “Float” is the least-Switchfoot-sounding Switchfoot song and I love it. Dat bass line doe.
  • Back in the day I was a sobbing Tenth Avenue North fangirl and their new album, Followers, is downright danceable. I’m not sure what it is with Christian artists starting to go all electronic but I kind of like it.
  • Remember when I was a massive Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes fan? I haven’t listened to them in awhile but I finally (inadvertently) listened to the song “No Love Like Yours” (from their latest album, PersonA) and they’ve still got it. Very hippie and whimsical. I’m a fan.
  • This song called “Wolves and the Water” by Edward R. came up on my Discover Weekly playlist last week and I really loved it and I wanted to share. Enjoy!
  • Also, “Mississippi” by The Griswolds. It reminds me of Walk The Moon and summer.
  • Mumford & Sons have another concert film/South Africa project coming out! It’s called Dust and Thunder and it’s about their time in South Africa and it looks like a blast. And it’s showing in select theaters in November! Go to their homepage to watch a trailer and to find out where the film is showing near you.
  • After missing Bear’s Den in Columbus in September (darn overnight retreats), my favorite lads are coming back to America in January/February and they’re stopping again in Columbus! I got my ticket and the show is on a Saturday this time. I’M SO READY. Check their tour schedule and buy tickets here! Is it January yet?
  • Speaking of Bear’s Den, they just dropped a new music video, for their latest album’s third track, “Dew on the Vine.” It features a heated table tennis tournament, which has nothing to do with the song but is still fun to watch.

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