Things I’ve Been Learning Lately: September 2016


Hey hey! It’s October and the weather is finally cooler here in southwest Ohio and the leaves are starting to change. Also, I’ve been wearing dark wash skinny jeans and booties and long sleeves for the past three days and I don’t hate it.

(Am I being basic again? I think so. Whatevs.)

Fall means that retreat season is in full-swing at my workplace, because most of my clients are schools. I recently finished a streak of four overnight junior retreats in three weeks (with a few one-day retreats sprinkled in between), and there are literally four weekdays in all of October that I’m not working a retreat. I’m excited, but also low-key freaking out for my poor introvert sanity.

I’ll probably be blogging much, much less this month. Sorry in advance. But not really.

September was fun and stressful and full of teachable moments. Here are some of those fun/stressful/teachable moments.

  • Getting up really early is only fun if you’re really, really excited about getting up really early. Otherwise it’s just awful.
  • Sometimes adulting means dropping hundreds of dollars in one week for rent, utilities, computer anti-virus, presents for friends, and an oil change/general car inspection. Sigh.
  • But sometimes adulting also means registering to join a parish! I haven’t technically belonged to a parish since my Catholic grade school days. Quite exciting.
  • Praying the rosary while walking or even driving is much easier for me than just sitting still and praying it. Try it!
  • There’s a night-and-day difference between running retreats for all-guys high schools and all-girls high schools. Holy smokes.
  • Middle school students are still the funnest age group to minister to.
  • Jesus usually works in really quiet, little ways, but it just makes those bigger ways that He chooses to reveal Himself that much more special.
  • “Stranger Things” is even better the second time around. Also, the children in the cast are precious angels who must never grow up. #DustinProtectionSquad
  • Coffee is kind of like beer in that if you’ve never liked it much, it’s probably because you’ve never had GOOD coffee. I’ve had the privilege of sampling some mighty good coffee over the past few weeks.
  • Goetta (pronounced GEH-tuh) is a totally weird but totally delicious thing that you need to try if you ever make it to Cincinnati. It’s like a meatloaf/sausage hybrid? It’s hard to describe. But my first experience with it was a good one.
  • There’s nothing like that feeling of being welcomed, appreciated, and valued, especially when you’re new to a place. People are pretty swell.

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