Things I’ve Been Learning Lately: July 2016

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What’s that? No more Roman numerals for my TIBLL posts? Waaahhh.

Like Been Listening, Things I’ve Been Learning Lately is now going to be a monthly series. On the last Friday of each month, I’ll share some of my best insights and lessons from the last month. Sound good? Good.

Let’s go!

  • Did you know that there’s ice cream out there that costs $9.99 for a pint? But it’s really fracking good ice cream, so it’s worth it.
  • Speaking of ice cream, did you also know that there’s a c-store chain in Ohio (mostly in the Cincinnati area) that has an ice cream counter? What a gift. Both of these dreamy ice cream discoveries will be featured in a new blog series. Stay tuned.
  • Cincinnati chili (which isn’t even “chili” as most Americans know it) might sound like a weird food staple but it actually has a fascinating history. I’ll probably do a post about it in the future, too.
  • Sleeping on an air mattress long-term isn’t as terrible as it sounds. I want a real grown-up bed at some point, of course, but an air mattress is a totally acceptable substitute.
  • One of the best things about being back in the Midwest is summer storms. West Virginia doesn’t get a lot of good thunderstorms.
  • People who make you feel welcome in a new place are the best people. I hope you find those people if you move to a new city.
  • A six-hour road trip is just short enough to not feel too long but just long enough to make you a little stir-crazy. And that’s about the distance I have to travel to go both back home and to my old stomping grounds in West Virginia. Oy.
  • Moving to the suburbs after living in the middle of nowhere for two years is a bit overwhelming at first. What do you mean I have many nearby options for groceries, restaurants, and churches?? And that I’m within two hours of a variety of live music destinations??! #TooManyChoices
  • Jarritos soda is God’s gift to humanity. (Lime and strawberry are my favorites. What’s yours??)

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