Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXXII

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Can someone tell the rain to get the heck out of West Virginia, please?

It’s been raining on and off for at least the past week, both here in Huttonsville and around the state. I went to Huntington last week to help run a retreat and it rained on and off there. The missionaries wanted to go somewhere over the weekend but it stayed rainy. We had our outing on Monday but it started raining as soon as we got into the car to drive back home. I have to carry my umbrella everywhere out of anticipation of rain. I haven’t seen the sun in like five days. It’s driving me nuts and making me a little sad.

Also, I’ve been on such a writing kick lately. I’ve got a fresh batch of post ideas for this blog, I recently submitted guest posts to two sites, and I’ve got plans to try my hand at writing in a few different genres just for fun, like devotionals and travel. I’m excited!

Notes from this last week!

  • Tucker County is the coolest place in West Virginia. I’m sure of it.
  • Sometimes you just have to eat at that restaurant that’s gotten crummy reviews, just you can say that you’ve been and never have to do it again. Mmm, overcooked sirloin and fake mashed potatoes…
  • Middle schoolers are bundles of sass and awkwardness and they’re my favorite group to minister to.
  • First Communion will never not be an adorable event.
  • It’s okay to eat cake three days in a row. Just go with it.
  • West Virginia has made me perpetually crave pepperoni rolls and Arnold Palmers and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I leave and pepperoni rolls and sweet tea aren’t a thing.
  • That said, you can make an Arnold Palmer with unsweetened tea, but why would you do that to yourself? Don’t make that mistake.

6 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXXII

  1. We’ve had a lot of rain here, too, and it’s been a bummer, but it was sunny today, and because of the rain, everything was SO green! So at least there’s that…

    1. Yes to all the green! I live in the mountains so the leaves start coming in really late in the spring. They’ve finally started coming back in the last week and all the different shades of green are soooo pretty.

  2. RE: Tucker County, WV – firmly agree. We go over there once a year to go skiing and I just love Davis. It’s got that great little one-street downtown area with an only OK burrito place but a quite good pizza place. I should really go back when it’s actually warm and green – quite a different place!

    1. Hey, Angela! Thanks for your comment! Yes, Tucker County is a unique place and I love it. What’s the pizza place in Davis? I’m not sure I remember seeing one on that main street but if I return I’d have to try it!

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