Been Listening: April 2016

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Hello! Welcome back to Been Listening. April was full of lots of exciting music-related things. Here are some of them.

  • As I mentioned earlier this month, Bear’s Den has announced the release date of their second album, Red Earth & Pouring Rain. Pre-order details are up on their site.
  • HAVE YOU HEARD THAT FLEET FOXES ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER??! One of their members did an interview recently in which he said that it’s definitely going to happen. I started listening to Fleet Foxes when they were on hiatus so I haven’t been waiting as long as their longtime fans, but this news excites me greatly. I hope it means new music!
  • New favorite artist? Mat Kearney. He’s been around for a few years and I’ve known about him for awhile, but his song “Ships in the Night” has come up on Spotify and on the radio a few times and that prompted me to check him out some more. So chill, but also so dance-able. I’m in love.
  • The Avett Brothers have officially released the first single of their next album, True Sadness! It’s called “Ain’t No Man,” and it’s minimalistic and upbeat and catchy and kind of gospel-y and I love it. Listen!
  • Mumford & Sons have a new collection of songs coming out in a few months! During their tour dates in South Africa they teamed up with a few artists to collaborate on some songs and that collaboration, called Johannesburg, is coming out in June. Details here, and you can listen to the first single, “There Will be Time,” on Spotify.



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