Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXXI

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Hi! It’s spring! The sun is shining! The birds are singing! Temps are finally staying consistently warm! Trees in the mountains of West Virginia are (finally) starting to bud and blossom! Bees are buzzing around doing their thing!

(Pardon all the exclamation points, I’m in a great mood today because SPRING!)

So as I said in my last TIBLL, I spent the weekend in the New York City area! I went into the city Thursday night and Friday morning and afternoon, and then I went to a small conference for youth ministers sponsored by the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey for the rest of the weekend. It was a lovely experience and the source of most of the bullet points of this week’s Things I’ve Been Learning Lately.

  • Youth ministers are weird. In the best way.
  • Socializing in a loud place is still a sure-fire way to make me cranky. #IntrovertProbs
  • It’s best to wear comfortable shoes in New York City. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.
  • You’ll probably never want Chinese take-out again after eating in New York’s China Town. SO GOOD.
  • People from the NYC area are as boisterous as I always imagined them to be.
  • The Archdiocese of Newark’s favorite way to take care of people is by feeding them absurd amounts of food. I ain’t mad about it.
  • In the battle of Sheetz vs. Wawa, I think Wawa might have a slight edge over Sheetz, and that leaves me conflicted.
  • It’s really hard to truly love and be present to people if you’re struggling with your own sense of worth and self-confidence. Invest in yourself. You’re worth it.
  • If you’re journeying with Christ, be prepared to have your heart broken over and over again. Sometimes in beautiful ways, and sometimes in crushing ways. The way He works on people is humbling and hard, but it’s always breathtaking.

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