Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXIX

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Oh hai.

Something very exciting happened this week.


The band? London duo (up until recently a trio) Bear’s Den. The album? Red Earth & Pouring Rain. The release? July 22. The album trailer doesn’t betray much, other than the cover and an audio clip which is presumably from the album. But I’m excited that Bear’s Den appears to be expanding the synth-y, airy sound that they started on their Without/Within EP and continued into their first album, Islands. Plus the new, darker aesthetic with the reds and deep blues? And the album cover?? I’M SO INTRIGUED. I’ll be screaming internally until July 22, and then I’ll probably start screaming externally.


Here’s what else this week taught me, in addition to my undying love for bearded British folk musicians.

  • It took me wayyyy too long to get into Parks and Recreation. I’m hooked. Ron Swanson is my spirit animal. So is Andy. And April. And Leslie. And EVERYONE.
  • It also took me too long to discover Twitter’s GIF posting function and now I don’t think I can ever express myself without a GIF again.
  • The Force Awakens is still just as good the third time around.
  • Buying a bottle of whiskey is a good way to feel like an adult.
  • Tom Hanks is a precious wonderful human. We can all agree on that, right?
  • Sometimes ministry events demand that you set up a sacristy in your facility’s bike room. It’s kind of a beautiful thing.
  • Jesus answers prayers. It might take time. But if you need something from Him, if you go to Him with confidence and humility, He’ll give it to you. He cares for you. He really, really does.
  • Snow in April is pretty, but it’s still unwelcome.

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