Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXVIII

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Helloooo! It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these. How is life? How’s the weather? What have you been doing lately?

I just wrapped up my Easter break a few days ago and that break was lovely. I found a job lead that sounds very exciting and promising (and I found out today that they’d like to interview me, AHH), I got to spend a few days brainstorming and writing for my blog, I found out that a Catholic women’s magazine that I enjoy is looking for writers so I’m applying for one of those spots, and my mom visited for a few days. And I went to services for all three days of the Easter Triduum, which was most excellent.

I’m still kind of starry-eyed over the liturgy I attended on Holy Thursday. It was at St. Andrew’s church in Roanoke, Virginia. Beautiful, beautiful church (quite traditional in its art and architecture choices), beautiful music sung by a beautiful choir, and we sang a song in LATIN. I think Latin just makes the liturgy that much more special, even when I do trip over words because a) I’m still learning Latin pronunciations and b) I can’t read music.

Here’s some of the goodness I’ve been learning over the past few weeks!

  • Saint Patrick’s Day is best celebrated with a meal that involves mashed potatoes and Irish soda bread. I’ve made dinner for my missionary community on Saint Patrick’s Day for the last two years and those two items have been present both times. I think it’s my new tradition.
  • St. Joseph is the real (quiet) MVP of the Holy Family. He lived with the Mother of God and the Son of God–two sinless people. He was the only “normal” human of that family. What a strange but no-doubt sanctifying experience that must have been.
  • Traveling to a new city on a day of fasting is hard. One of my favorite things to do when I’m in a new place is snack my way through it. Couldn’t do that in Roanoke on Good Friday.
  • Salvage shops are the coolest and I wish I had the money to decorate my one-day, some-day home with salvage shop stuff.
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the prettiest drives ever. If you ever find yourself in Virginia or North Carolina, take a drive on it. SO GORGEOUS. Also, the Blue Ridge Mountains really are as blue from a distance as their name suggests.
  • Writing days are the greatest. I’ve been hesitant to accept it, but I really do think that writing is a not-so-small part of my calling. Now and in the future. It brings me much joy.
  • If you like torturing yourself with tense, suspenseful movies, 10 Cloverfield Lane might be a good choice. Excellent movie, but I was on edge almost the whole time. STRESS.
  • Speaking of stress, have you ever tried building your own four- or six-pack of beer at a store that lets you do that? Too many choices.
  • You know you’re a Midwesterner when you request that your mom bring you beer and cheese curds when she visits. Wisconsin is love, Wisconsin is life.

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