Been Listening: March 2016

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Hello! It’s time for music-sharing! Here’s what I’ve been digging this month.

  • Lucius’ new album, Good Grief, is fantastic. “Born Again Teen” is a four-minute dance party. Treat yo’self.
  • I’ve been binge-listening to Young the Giant a lot lately. I first listened to their debut album a few years ago but then I kind of forgot about them. Their sunny sound makes me crave summer.
  • Are you on Spotify? Have you been listening to your Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify makes for you every week? It’s pretty great. You probably won’t like everything on the playlist, but if you’re looking for new music, it’s a great way to find it.
  • Audrey Assad’s new album, Inheritance, is beautiful. Also, I want to be Audrey Assad when I grow up. (no, 25 is not “grown up.”)
  • Who’s excited for The Avett Brothers’ new album that’s set for release in June? I haven’t been the biggest fan of their last few albums, but I respect them for choosing to branch out their sound and I’m eager to see what True Sadness will sound like.
  • Speaking of a band that’s changed their sound a lot, I forgot how much I loved The Black Keys. Old and new. It’s all good. I’ve had my TBK playlist on Spotify on repeat lately.
  • Also, friendly reminder that Dan Auerbach released a solo album a few years ago and it’s SOOOO SO GOOD. Keep it Hid. Jump on it.
  • Mudcrutch is releasing a second album! You’ve never heard of Mudcrutch? Not surprising. Back before Tom Petty formed The Heartbreakers, he formed Mudcrutch. They got back together for an album a few years ago and now they’re at it again. If you like Tom Petty, you’ll probably like Mudcrutch. Give their first album a listen and then get excited for their second one.

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