Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXVII

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It’s Monday! How was your weekend? How are you adjusting to the whole Daylight Savings time change? Are you going to eat some pie today? It is Pi Day, after all.

I think winter might finally be gone for good in West Virginia. Temps have been rising to the 60s and 70s on most days, I’ve broken out my Tevas and shorts once again, I’ve come down with my first cold of the season, and my hair’s natural waviness is being accentuated by the humidity. And the windows in the missionary house are staying open during the day. And the travel season of the missionary life is done. All is right and okay in the world again.

And it’s getting closer and closer to ramps season in West Virginia! Have you ever had ramps? They’re a pungent type of wild leek that grow like crazy in Appalachia. Ramps dinners and festivals are popular in March and April in this state. I might have to go to one this year, seeing that I’ve never had ramps myself.

We’re changing it up and doing TIBLL on a Monday this time. Let’s go!

  • High school students are exhausting but they’re also some of the most fun to hang out with and minister to.
  • Beer and a breakfast burrito is a winning combination.
  • I love Mexican food but going out for Mexican twice in one week is a good way to make me tired of it.
  • Jesus will show you how much He loves you if you ask Him to. He really will.
  • The Black Keys are the perfect roll-the-windows-down-and-blast-their-music band.
  • Hipster barber shops that serve whiskey are totally a thing. And there’s one in West Virginia. I almost wish I had a man’s hairstyle so I could get my hair cut at one.
  • Friends are the best. Be thankful for your friends.

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