Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXIV


Hello from snowy Washington DC, where I am coming at ya from a hotel in the heart of the city.  Winter Storm Jonas is here and he ain’t playin’ around.  It didn’t stop a strong turn-out at the March for Life on Friday, but businesses are closed and the subway system is shut down until Monday.  The missionaries were planning on leaving the city today and spending tonight in Maryland, but Jonas canceled our Sunday event in Romney, WV, so we’re staying in DC another night and hoping to leave tomorrow.  It’s crazy out there.  If you’re in Jonas’ path, I hope you’re staying safe.

It’s been a week.  Here are some lessons from it.

  • Being flexible is supremely important in ministry. Especially if traveling is involved.
  • Vocational discernment deserves time. Don’t feel like you have to rush it.
  • Being merciful to yourself is one of the hardest things. But it’s so necessary.
  • Whole Foods has a BOMB ready-made foods section. Perfect for your snowstorm stockpiling needs.  And for when you need to stuff your face after shivering and starving at the March for Life.
  • Praying the rosary every day is a struggle. My spiritual mentor told me to start doing that a few days ago and I think it’s only happened once since.  Pray for me.

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