Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XXIII


After five days on the road in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, I’m back at home base!  The eastern panhandle is such a lovely part of West Virginia.  It feels a little more suburban than the rest of the state because of its proximity to Washington DC, but even if you’re like me and are not a huge fan of suburbia, it has a charm and a character all its own, apart from its suburban feel.  Small towns with cute little businesses (including some fabulous places for pizza), neat histories, and some of the most thriving Catholic parishes in all of West Virginia, all set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.  You should go.

Lessons from the week:

  • As much as I love Sheetz, making five Sheetz stops in the course of five days is enough to make me a little tired of Sheetz.
  • Western Virginia is so so so pretty and caves are fascinating and beautiful.
  • It might be the butt of many a joke but Waffle House makes a good breakfast.
  • The temptation to touch rock formations in caves even though it’s not allowed is SO REAL.
  • Nothing makes you feel prouder and more like a millennial enabler than getting a baby to take a selfie.
  • If other people say you’re gifted and capable, believe them.  It’s easy to get down on yourself.  Sometimes it takes other people believing in you to believe in yourself.
  • Ghost tours are fun and you should go on them.  As long as you don’t attempt to make contact with ghosts, because you never know who’s going to answer.

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