Thing I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XV


Today is a good day.

Today is a good day because it’s Friday, sure.  But today is also a good day because it was the last day of seventh grade camp at my workplace.

My boss always says, regarding camps, that he’s happy to get them started every year and then happy to wave them goodbye at the end of the season.  I’d have to agree.  Seventh grade camp is one of my favorite pieces of programming.  I love doing it.  But I also love finishing it.  It means being able to work on projects that need more than just two days of attention per week.  It means more time to plan for my favorite season of the missionary year—traveling road shows and youth nights.  And it means celebrating the end of a long streak of camps with cheese fries and orange soda at the Mountain State Forest Festival.

(Calories don’t count at festivals.  It’s okay.)

Lessons of the week!

  • Free coffee at Sheetz on National Coffee Day makes getting up early and driving half an hour to Sheetz worthwhile.
  • Sheetz has the best self-serve coffee stations. Four different roasts, plus dispensers for real cream, sugar/sweeteners, and like 12 different flavors of creamer? YES.
  • Brainstorming sessions are tough when you’re not much of a brainstorm-er.
  • Seeing your prayers come full-circle, even after years, is mind-blowing. God is faithful.
  • Mercy is hard. It’s sometimes hard to accept, and even harder to practice.  But it’s so necessary.

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