Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XIV


Happy Friday!  Happy fall!  I don’t know what it’s like in your world, but here in central West Virginia, those temps in the lower 80s are finally gone and it is now socially acceptable for me to wear plaid and booties everywhere.

(Yes, days when temps are in the lower 80s, even with no humidity, are too hot.  Deal with it.)

ALSO.  Pope fever is in full swing up in here.  My Facebook feed has been full of posts of all things Pope Francis from both media outlets and friends who got to see him in Washington DC.  I was presented with the opportunity to see him in Philadelphia this weekend, but driving six hours and battling crowds and traffic doesn’t sound like a good way to recuperate from a session of camp.  #IntrovertProblems.

I’m still kind of crying on the inside about it.  But I guess it just means that I’ll have to see him in Rome someday instead.

Anyway.  It was a good week.  Here are some things that it taught me, besides the fact that fall is the best and that I’m apparently a Pope Francis fangirl.

  • Care packages from home are actually the best.
  • Love isn’t a feeling. LOVE ISN’T A FEELING.
  • Middle schoolers and their chaperones love kittens and they usually wind up being their favorite part of a petting zoo.
  • Also, when in a petting zoo with a llama, kiddos will inevitably ask if the llama spits.
  • Clear nights with a bright moon are the best kind of nights.
  • God usually works pretty quietly within us. But those days when He sends little signs and tokens to let us know that He loves us are treasures.

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