Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, vol. XII


It’s Friday!  Do a dance.  Throw some confetti.  Chink champagne glasses with friends or with your cat or with yourself.  You’ve earned it.

I think this Friday is going to be the last Friday for awhile that is actually going to feel like a Friday.  Working at a facility that is part-retreat center means working hospitality for groups who have their gatherings and retreats on weekends.  And we have a lot of those groups coming in the next few weekends.  Fridays are going to start feeling more like Tuesdays soon.  So I’m savoring today and the rest of this weekend.

Here are some things these past two weeks have taught me.

  • Discouragement in the face of our faults, even repeated faults, is not of God.  God doesn’t tell us to shrink back from Him when we fail.  He always invites us ever nearer to Him.  God’s mercy isn’t dependent on us.  It’s dependent on His nature as love and mercy itself, which is unchanging.
  • If you can do something ahead of time—a step in a project, a small bit of preparation for an event—do it.  You’ll save time and stress in the future.
  • Calories don’t count when you’re visiting friends.  Order those mozzarella sticks, dang it.
  • Read scripture with a group of people who have studied/are studying theology.  They know scripture like no one else.  They’ll blow your mind.  And so will God.
  • A guide to doing Pittsburgh:  1) Gather up some friends.  2) Go to Burgatory.  3) Order a burger and a milkshake or poutine and a craft beer (like I said, calories don’t count when you’re visiting friends).  4) Enjoy the company of your mates and some really good food.
  • Adaptability is really important in outdoor and camp ministry.  Sometimes storms shut down your activities and you have to make a new plan for the day in 10 minutes.  And sometimes you won’t know whether you’re having an outdoor dinner/camp fire or an indoor one until 15 minutes before dinner is supposed to start.
  • Getting caught by the cops when you’re in a place that’s off-limits past sundown kinda sorta makes you feel like a bad guy.

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