“New” blog series + summer travels


The reason “new” is sitting between quotation marks in the title of this post is because the idea for this series isn’t new at all.  I’ve been doing it for the last few months over on my Tumblr.  Not a new idea.  But it’s new to this corner of the web.

A few months ago I started a series of posts on my Tumblr, which I tried to write once a week or every other week, called “Things I’ve Been Learning Lately.”  It was meant to capture insights that I had gained from the past week, insights that didn’t warrant a full-blown blog post but that I still wanted to write down for myself and for readers.  I still plan on posting this series on Tumblr, but I’ll also be sharing them on this blog every Friday (though I won’t post a new one for another couple of weeks as I keep chugging along with summer work in West Virginia).  So I’ll pick up where I left off on my Tumblr series, with volume VIII.

Things I’ve Been Learning Lately, Vol. VIII:  Vacation Edition

I was fortunate enough to get a few weeks off of work starting in late June.  Alas, as this gets posted, I am on my way back to West Virginia to continue my missionary year.  But I definitely needed the time off, to spend some time in the city and not in the middle of nowhere, and with my comparably small family instead of with dozens of kids and a large staff (#IntrovertLyfe).  I saw U2 in Chicago, as you might have read (and if you haven’t, check out my synopsis here!), and I also road-tripped to Colorado to see my dad’s side of the family.

If you’ve never been to Colorado, it’s like its own little world.  It’s beautiful, for one thing (mountains on mountains on mountains!), but life seems to move at a different pace, too.  Maybe because it’s such a popular vacation spot so the carefree tourists balance out the hurried nine-to-fivers, maybe because the locals seem to be all about that work-life balance and take time to hike, bike, and otherwise get outdoors.  When you vacation there, you kind of forget that you have a job waiting for you when you get back home.  Which is what vacation should be, right?

I spent my days browsing Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, touring breweries, Instagramming mountain pictures, and single-handedly clearing the fridge in my family’s rental home of leftover bean and rice burritos.  And I learned some things in the midst of all the sight-seeing and beer and burritos.  So volume VIII of this series is full of those things.

  • Green chili is everything in Colorado.   It’s delicious, though.  It lives up to the hype.
  • If you are in a microbrewery tasting room and you say that the only experience you’ve ever had of a saison-style beer was one crafted by Blue Moon, some sharp-eared craft beer nerd will hear you and roll his eyes at you and scoff at you a little bit. Real life.
  • That said, Funkwerks in Fort Collins is the place to go for saisons and other Belgian-style beers. Their Deceit golden ale is bomb.
  • Tiny houses are the way forward and sleeping in a camper is infinitely better than sleeping in a tent.
  • Music memorabilia + record stores are my happy place.
  • Hiking at 7,000 feet is harder than hiking at sea level. Hiking at 11,000 feet is outright foolish if you’re not in great shape to begin with.
  • Subarus might outnumber people in Colorado.  Or at least all other cars.
  • If you’re not normally a buyer and consumer of organic goods, you might feel a little out of place in Boulder.
  • The more you vacation in Colorado, the more you wanna pack up all your things and just move there already.

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