Wednesday picks: May 29


Happy Wednesday!

At least I hope it’s happy.  I mean, it’s not every week that Wednesday feels like a Tuesday.  Speaking of which, I hope your Memorial Day weekend was splendid.

But even if it’s not so happy, here are a few things that I found this past week that will hopefully make your middle of the week a little brighter.

1)  Public artist Candy Chang created a way cool project called “Before I Die” in 2011, in which she encourages people to write on a wall (for everybody to see) one thing that they want to accomplish before they die.  Each response gives passersby a glimpse into the minds and hearts of strangers:  their values, their hopes, their fears, what gives their lives meaning.  Chang even created a sister site just for the project that includes a toolkit that allows people to create a wall in their town.

2)  Blogger and funny-tweeter Ashley Riordan (no seriously, her tweets always make me giggle) wrote this post about her experience with introversion.  Read it if you’re an introvert to see if your experience matches hers.  Read it if you’re an extrovert who’s curious about introversion.

3)  I found this awhile ago, but it’s a good one:  what it looks like to wring out a wet cloth in outer space.  SCIENCE!

4)  This TED talk by Brene Brown about the importance and value of vulnerability is serving as inspiration for my next So Worth Loving post.  So stay tuned for that.  But in the meantime, watch the talk.

5)  If you have a minute or two to waste, go here.  Don’t ask.  Just drag your cursor over the circles and watch the magic happen.  Hint: koalas are involved.  Just go with it.

Now go punch this Wednesday in the face and start gearing up for the coming weekend.


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