A New Years resolution: boosting creativity


I posted something on my old blog a few weeks ago about a few things I hoped to accomplish in this new year.  I’ve never really been a resolutions person, but seeing as I’m facing a big fat change this year, I thought it would be appropriate to have some kind of plan to stay level-headed in the midst of the coming insanity.

What I didn’t really include, though, were plans for staying creative and to keep me writing.  And now I’m thinking that was a mistake.  Too often I’m frustrated by feelings that I don’t have any ideas that are worth exploring or that my life is too boring to write about, but perhaps that’s just because I lack any sort of discipline or practice when it comes to writing; I just write when I have a good idea.  But I think it’s important to make creativity a habit, even when I’m not writing something, so I can have a rich vein from which to mine ideas for my next piece or post.

So I’ve devised a few plans to help keep my creative juices flowing:

~Read during pockets of free time:  blogs, articles, essays, books, magazines, newspapers.  Basically, spend less of my free time on Facebook and Twitter.

~Keep a journal to record insights or ideas.

~Go to concerts, drama productions, and art exhibits at Clarke.

~Listen to a few new bands/musicians each month.

~Sit and people-watch somewhere on campus (or off campus, if I can) and journal about it.

~Quit being so introverted and actually do stuff with people once in awhile.

~Draw webs and maps when I have an idea for a piece of writing.  It’s a much easier way to organize a piece than just sitting down at a computer and typing with no plan.

~Maybe take a crack at fiction and poetry every now and then

What about you?  Do you have a routine or practices for staying creative?  Feel free to share.  I’m open to new things.

Cheers to 2013!


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